DTE17 Tape Edge Machine

The DTE17 is a fully electronic Tape Edge Machine that is designed to speed up your mattress closing operation while reducing operator fatigue and machine downtime.

The DTE17 Tape Edge Machine.

The DTE17's electronic motor control system replaces the traditional system of connecting a knee lever to a mechanical brake/clutch. Instead, a "feather-touch" kneepad operates a simple switch to turn the motor on/off. This electronic system significantly reduces the pressure on the operator's leg and decreases mechanical complexity inside the carriage.

"Feather-touch" kneepad controls the carriage motor.

The machine also incorporates motorized carriage repositioning to reduce cycle time and operator fatigue. Traditionally, to reposition a mattress when approaching a corner, an operator would turn off the carriage motor, disengage the carriage from the track, push/pull the mattress and carriage to a new spot, then reengage the carriage, and finally turn the motor back on. With our motorized system, the operator only needs to use the "Roll" joystick and the carriage will stop and jog to a new position while helping to pull the mattress. The operator never has to disengage the carriage or even explicitly turn off the motor!

Use the "Roll" joystick to jog the carriage to a new position.

The DTE17 comes standard with motorized head tilt (0-60° below horizontal) and table height (12in stroke) adjustment that both are controlled by a single joystick. Using a combination of head tilt and table height, the needle can be positioned from 2-27in above the table top.

Head tilted down 60° and table height raised as high as possible.

Head horizontal and table height as low as possible.

All of the operator's controls (e.g. joysticks, start button, engagement handle) have been thoughtfully placed in convenient locations to improve comfort and decrease cycle time. Even the emergency stop switch is placed in a location that is easy to access, yet, hard to actuate accidentally.

The operator's controls are placed thoughtfully and in a convenient location.

In addition to everything listed above, all electronics on the carriage (e.g. the operator's control box) are sealed to protect from dust that inevitably builds up inside on the carriage while sewing; the machine has under-table wiring leading to the carriage; the drive system uses simple V-belts in place of a round endless belt; and the machine is equipped with a new D300TE Sewing Head.


Brochure: DTE17 Tape Edge Machine (PDF document, 4.28 MB)



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