D300TE Tape Edge Sewing Head

The D300TE Tape Edge Sewing Head is a bolt-on replacement for 300U-style sewing machines commonly found on many different types of tape edge machines.

The D300TE Tape Edge Sewing Head.

The D300TE is a reliable, yet cost-effective alternative to other replacement sewing machines on the market. It comes with a standard 3-bolt pattern found on the heads of many different tape edge machines, but can be supplied with a custom adapter plate for machines with non-standard patterns. It's also shipped with a tape spool holder, tape tension pins, and binder assembly.

The D300TE is outfitted with a tape holder and binder assembly.

Watch the DTE17 Tape Edge video to see it in action, and more information!


Brochure: D300TE Tape Edge Head (PDF document, 0.33MB)


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