D300TB Tape Binding Machine

The D300TB Tape Binding Machine is a 300U101-style sewing machine used to bind together mattress/foundation "buckets" or similar products.

The D300TB Tape Binding Machine.

The D300TB is a complete sewing station that is shipped "ready to sew". Simply drop the sewing machine into the table, bolt on a few accessories, and you're done. No extra fabrication is required to setup the machine.

The sewing table is supplied with a tape holder and guide system that routes the tape to the sewing machine. The sewing machine has tension pins and a binder assembly pre-installed.

The tape holder and guide system.

The 300U101-style sewing machine and pre-installed binder assembly.

The table itself is a standard "sit-down" sewing table. It comes complete with a clutch motor, on/off switch, operation pedals, thread stands, and all required guards.

Brochure: D300TB Tape Binding Machine (PDF document, 0.3MB)



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