BT96 Build-Up Table

The BT96 Build-Up Table is a heavy-duty, rotary table typically used by the mattress industry for a wide variety of applications.

The standard BT96 Build-Up Table.

Common applications include

but, the table could be used or modified for other purposes. Please contact us to discuss your application.

Each BT96 features a table top that can rotate freely or lock in place by tightening a clamp on the table base. The top is a heavy-duty, tubular steel frame with extension leaves that pull out from twin to king-sized widths. The height of the top is adjustable by turning a handle attached to the base.

The BT96 opens from twin to king size.

Like most of our equipment, we can customize the BT96 to meet your specific requirements. Common options include a stainless-steel top or flat top (i.e no extension leaves).

BT96 with a stainless steel top.

BT96 with a queen-sized, stainless steel, flat top.

We can also add attachments like collapsible rail systems, walls, or storage shelves. Please contact us for more information.

BT96 with a stainless steel top and collapsible rails.

BT96 with bolt-on walls.

Brochure: BT96 Build-Up Table (PDF document, 0.31MB)



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