Rebuilt Equipment in Stock

Equipment Repairs and Overhauls

While our main focus at D. R. Cash Inc. is the production of new equipment for the mattress and textile industries, we also specialize in repairing/overhauling used machinery.

We can rebuild most any type of machine or equipment, but we commonly rebuild mattress filling machines, tape edge machines, and 300U-style sewing machines. The pictures below are examples of the work we can do.

Before and after pictures of a rebuilt Cash 100SN Tape Edge Machine.

Rebuilt Cash 94F Filling Machine.

We can also help if you need a custom-made part for an old machine or would like to retro-fit a new component onto an older machine (e.g. replacing a motor/clutch combination with a motor and variable-speed drive).

Whether you need a simple repair or a complete overhaul, we can help! Please contact us to get your project started.

Brochure: Rebuilt Equipment (PDF document, 0.40MB)

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