THS18 Heat Sealer

The THS18 is an impulse heat sealer designed specifically for sealing plastic mattress bags or other large plastic wraps.

The THS18 Heat Sealer is designed to seal large plastic bags.

Its long sealing jaws can seal most bag widths (twin to king-size) and thicknesses (up to 10mil) in approximately 8-15sec. The standard gap between the jaws is 7in but available up to 18in for customers who wish to pass the mattress through the jaws.

The sealer can be used with a table (e.g. the BT06 Bagging Table), bagging fork, or conveyor system to hold the mattress in place.

Using a BT06 Bagging Table with the THS18 Heat Sealer.

Once a mattress is bagged on the loading side, the operator can pull the open end of the bag through the jaws and begin the sealing process by holding down a heavy-duty foot switch.

The sealing process is controlled entirely by a small PLC (i.e. no physical timers and relays) that features multiple sealing modes (manual/automatic) and an obstruction detection system. Sealing/cooling times, a piece counter, and control options are accessible via an LCD screen and keypad located inside the control enclosure.

The THS18 is PLC-controlled and outfitted with indicator lights, a UL489 disconnect, and cable-pull emergency stop.

The THS18 is also outfitted with indicator lights ("Ready" and "Sealing"), a UL498-rated disconnect switch, and a cable-pull emergency stop switch.

Like most of our products, the THS18 can be modified for your specific application. Common modifications include custom jaw separations, custom jaw lengths, and bag roll holders.


Brochure: THS18 Heat Sealer (PDF document, 0.38MB)



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