2015F Mattress Filling Machine

The 2015F Mattress Filling Machine is used to fill pre-fabricated covers (e.g. woven mattress covers, vinyl covers, fire socks) with many different types of inner materials (e.g. traditional innersprings, foam rubber, bonded fiber).

The 2015F Mattress Filling Machine.

To fill a mattress, an operator places the inner material(s) in the loading area and slides a cover over the spout (see pictures below).

Loading the inner material(s) into the rear of the machine.

Sliding a cover over the spout.

The operator then presses a foot switch and the machine conveys the inner materials through the main housing, out of the spout, and into the cover (see picture below).

Conveying the inner materials into the cover.

The filling action is accomplished using opposing upper and lower chain rails. To accommodate different-sized mattresses, the rails can be spread apart vertically and horizontally. Size adjustments are motorized and controlled using switches mounted conveniently above the spout.


Brochure: 2015F Filling Machine (PDF document, 0.38MB)



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