BT18 Foam Encasement Table

The BT18 Foam Encasement Table is a modified version of our standard build-up table that is designed to help manufacturers enclose mattress cores (e.g. traditional innersprings, pocket-spring assemblies) inside foam shells/walls.

The BT18 Foam Encasement Table.

The main difference between the BT18 and the standard BT96 is the new wall system. Walls on all four sides of the table enable workers to keep the foam square and in place while they glue everything together.

The walls keep the foam square and in place.

Another important difference between the BT18 and the BT96 is the additional of a simple, no-tools-required locking system. This allows workers to set and lock the table into preset widths and lengths (e.g. twin to king sizes) quickly by hand.

The BT18 locked into twin size vs king size.

Furthermore, the preset dimensions ensure repeatability. Each mattress built at a certain preset size will always come out to the same dimensions regardless of who's using the table.

To set the table to a preset size, simply:

  1. Unlock the spring plungers that hold the table into the preset size.
  2. Slide the table out to a new width and length (legend plates help you find the presets).
  3. Lock the spring plungers back in place.

Unlock the width and length spring plungers.

Move the width and length to new positions and lock the plungers.

The table is also outfitted with hand-operated clamps for setting custom sizes and includes a drop-down wall for easy mattress removal.

Includes a drop-down wall for easy mattress removal.

Just like the BT96, the BT18 still features an adjustable-height table top that can freely rotate 360°. We can also customize the BT18 Foam Encasement Table to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.


Brochure: BT18 Foam Encasement Table (PDF document, 0.35MB)



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