BT06 Bagging Table

The BT06 Bagging Table is a multi-purpose version of our standard build-up table that can be used for both mattress construction (e.g. hog-ringing operations) and hand-bagging finished mattresses.

The BT06 Bagging Build-Up Table.

Just like a build-up table, the BT06 has a solid, flat top and extension leaves that pull out from twin to king-sized widths.

The BT06 opens from twin to king size.

However, the key difference between the BT06 Bagging Table and the standard build-up table is that the top is cantilevered like the top section of a bagging fork. This allows you to bag a mattress (or similar product) right on the table top.

Easily bag a mattress right on top of the table.

Even with the cantilevered design, the table top can still freely rotate and adjust up or down.

Like most of our equipment, we can customize the BT06 Bagging Table to meet your individual needs. Common options include a stainless-steel top or flat top (i.e no extension leaves).

BT06 Bagging Table with a flat, stainless-steel top.

Brochure: BT06 Bagging Table (PDF document, 0.30MB)



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