GT3 Air Flotation Table

The GT3 Air Flotation Table simplifies maneuvering a mattress panel (or similar large, flat pads) when guiding its edges through a sewing/serging machine.

The GT3 Air Flotation Table.

Pulling/rotating a large panel over the top of a flat table and through a sewing/serging machine can be a difficult task (especially with today's heavier panels). The GT3 is designed to make this task far less tiring and troublesome by producing evenly distributed air flow between the table and the panel.

The GT3 table top measures 12ft-wide x 8ft-long and sits 30in above the floor. It has a cutout in the center section that fits most standard-sized, 20in-wide x 48in-long sewing tables.

The GT3 table top and sewing machine cutout.

Airflow is provided by a powerful 3-phase motor/blower coupled with a variable-speed controller. By turning a simple control knob, the operator can quickly dial in the exact air flow needed for many different-sized panels.


Brochure: GT3 Air Flotation Table (PDF document, 0.32MB)



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